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eDART Release Notes

System Requirements

Release 14.0

Release Dates

Train: 3.21.2024
Production: 5.20.2024

About this Release

This release provides enhancements to Nuclear Voltage Limit tickets as well as UI text changes for consistency.

Existing Feature Improvements

  • Update to Nuclear Voltage Limit (NVL) tickets to add the unit's name to the PJM Comments section when the ticket upload is done per unit and not per nuclear bus station.
  • eDART is spelled differently across the system. This enhancement is to correct them all to 'eDART'.

Previous Releases

Release 13.0

Release Dates

Train: 1.22.2024
Production: 1.22.2024

About this Release

Enhancements to address issues with the ‘toimwg’ downloads via the CLI/browserless interface which returns very large files. This is resulting in prolonged download times and potentially incomplete and overlapping transactions if users have scheduled download times.

Existing Feature Improvements

  • Removal of the new line character in the ‘toimwg’ downloads. This will reduce the file size by up to 10%.
  • Termination of download session if it is taking more than five minutes for the ‘toimwg’ – current download. Data is updated every five minutes; downloads lasting more than five minutes will result in outdated data.

Release 12.0

Release Dates

Train: 1.18.2024
Production: 1.23.2024

About this Release

This release will fix an issue with missing MVAR information.

Bug Fixes and Steps to Recreate

'generators' and 'generators4trans' downloads are currently missing data for the tag even when the unit has MVAR values (MW Point, Min and Max).

Release 11.0

Release Dates

Train: 12.21.2023
Production: TBD

About this Release

TO XML uploads and supporting downloads for FERC Order 881 eDART enhancements being made available in the eDART Training environment

New Features

New Features

  • Upload for Lookup Tables
  • Upload for Projected Conditional Tickets
  • Upload for Zonal Forecasts
  • Upload for Facility Change Tickets Create and Revise
  • Download for Temp Set Details
  • Download for Emergency Duration Values

Release 10.0

Release Dates

Train: 11.29.2023
Production: 11.29.2023

About this Release

New CDW Parameter

New Features
  • New parameter to be added for CDW Agent user to specify which CDW Member the Dart browserless call is for.
    • Parameter = cdwshortname
    • Value = short name of the CDW Member
    • By default, Dart browserless call will be made for CDW Agent
  • Address internal and backend changes.
    • See presentation PDF from 9/14/2023 eDART XML Forum for additional information on CDW Parameter change.

Release 9.0

Release Dates

Train: 7.19.2023
Production: 7.24.2023

About this Release

Enhancements to support eDART user account Migration to Account Manager

New Features
  • As part of the eDART Refresh, eDART user accounts will be migrated to Account Manager
    • User account migration period officially open until Q4/2023
    • Upon migration, PKI Certificates required for all browserless communications
  • Company Distributed Workflow (CDW) Member-Agent functionality for CLI (browserless users)
  • Functionality for CAM to submit additional User Requests in eDART

Release 8.0

Release Dates

Train: 3.15.2023
Production: 3.29.2023

About this Release

Nuclear Voltage Tool for Dart Browserless and other enhancements

New Features
  • Browserless Interface for Nuclear Voltage Tool
  • Bulk Notification for Transmission Tickets

Existing Feature Improvements
  • Enhancements to Reactive Testing Unit Report
  • RRC Color Legend and Logic Update
  • Tag removal from TERM Ticket Downloads (<dynamic_flag>)
  • Tag removal from Transmission Ticket Downloads (<equipment_default> and <defaultStatusChangeOnly>)
  • Update to NERC Load Forecast Download

Release 7.0

Release Dates

Train: 12.1.2022
Production: 12.14-15.2022

About this Release

Enhancements to Tariff Data Functionality

New Features

Adding ability to make bulk updates of tariff data in eDART usually done as part of the annual updates.

  • Email notification will be sent out when review is started.
  • Will need group emails per TO.
  • MP1 changes will be made as part of the annual update period. Only non-MP1 changes can be requested outside that.
  • Users can download a pre-populated CSV file, make edits and upload it to eDART.

eDART Forum Presentation PDF

Release 6.0

Release Dates

Train: 10.12.2022
Production: 10.26.2022

About this Release

Improvements to existing features impacting Generation and Transmission users

Existing Feature Improvements
  • Improved visibility and tracking of units approaching and past reactive test deadlines
    • Date/time logic change for Generation Tickets
  • Transmission user access to update RXB Tickets
  • Update to Unit Groups due to unit transfer or retirement
  • Text update to Outage Changes Report
  • Details outlined in presentation from 9.14.2022 eDART Forum and presentation from 9.14.2022 eDART XML Forum

eDART Forum Presentation PDF
eDART XML Forum Presentation PDF

Release 5.0

Release Dates

Train: 6.6.2022
Production: 6.23.2022

About This Release

New Dynamic Line Ratings (DLR) functionalities and other enhancements

New Features

Dynamic Line Ratings – Phase 2 includes:

  • dynamic equipment set up process
  • forecasted and real time tickets for dynamic equipment
  • updates to Ratings files

Existing Feature Improvements

  • Enhancements to TERM ticket acknowledgement report
  • TERM and RXB ticket ID format change
  • Update to Unit Groups due to unit transfer or retirement

Release 4.0

Release Dates
Train: 3.31.2022
Production: 4.20.2022

About This Release

Changes to existing Historical Ratings report, minor enhancements, and bug fix.

New Features

Voltage Schedule Criteria Submission in eDART – New button on Main Menu to enter Voltage Schedule criteria

Existing Feature Improvements

  • Historical Ratings
    • Update frequency changing from every 10 minutes to once per hour
    • Improve system performance
    • PJM - Ratings Information
  • Minor Enhancements
    • Edit to text for Dynamic Line Ratings (DLR) Forecast error message

Bug Fixes and Steps to Recreate

Bug fix for View/Revise Gen Ticket filter

Additional details about release items can be found in the March 16, 2022 presentation shared at the Joint eDART XML Forum/eDART Forum.

DART Browserless User Guide PDF
CEJA eDART Guidelines PDF

Release 3.0

Release Dates
Train: 2.14.2022
Production: 2.17.2022

About This Release

Changes address unit availability per Illinois Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA).

New Features

New Generator Ticket Cause: Emissions-CEJA

  • Valid only for units in Illinois with gas as primary or secondary fuel type
  • Can only be used for Unplanned outage tickets


Release 2.0

Release Dates
Train: 1.13.2022
Production: 1.20.2022

About This Release

This is a Maintenance release.

Existing Feature Improvements

Additional availability options added on Transmission Tickets (12 hr. and 96 hr.).

Operations Updates

Transmission Ticket Create XSD and Schema Documents have been updated to include these values. They are available at


Release 1.0

Release Dates
Train: 11.17.2021
Production: 12.15.2021

About This Release

This release includes enhancements to Dynamic Ratings (DR), changes to existing TERM bulk upload procedures, and other enhancements.

New Features

DR Enhancements

  • Ability for Transmission Owners (TO) with DRs to upload and download forecasted ratings (CSV format)
  • Files added to Ratings Information page on OASIS – Dynamic Ratings Forecast (zip file with latest uploaded forecasted ratings) – Historical Ratings (zip files with Ratings, Temporary Ratings and Dynamic Ratings Forecast per company)
  • New DR Equipment Report to list equipment with dynamic ratings
  • Update to TERM Equipment Report download to indicate if equipment is available for DR or not – Download type = terme – New true/false tag called dynamic
  • New XML upload and download for dynamic ratings – Browserless equivalent of the CSV file used on the web UI

Existing Feature Improvements

TERM Bulk Upload Functionality:

  • Will be updated to accept CSV files instead of Excel files
  • Members submitting TERM Bulk uploads must submit CSV files only
  • Historic files will still be available for download as Excel files

Other Enhancements

  • Removal of requirement to have limitations on TERM tickets
  • Default Status Change access change on Transmission Tickets
  • Updates to Transmission Ticket Acknowledgement report


Release 13

Release Dates
Train: 11.3.2021
Production: 12.8.2021

About This Release

This release is for the retirement of the eDART filetransfer.jar file and legacy URLs.

Upload and Download:

Removal of radio buttons for eDART, Dart

PJM Command Line Interface (CLI):

Following this release, eDART access will only be available via PJM-CLI.  See Dart Browserless User Guide PDF for more information about PJM-CLI.


Dart Browserless Phase 2 Release

Release Dates
Train: 7.1.2021
Production: 7.14.2021

About This Release

  • All downloads now conform to XSDs in Dart
  • Transticreview and transticnotifyreview downloads have a new section “history_log” that details the status history of the ticket

As a reminder, the filetransfer.jar and legacy URLs will be retired in December.


Release 12

Release Dates
Train: 7.22.2021
Production: 7.29.2021

About This Release

This release includes an enhancement to existing files available to users.

New Features

Existing Feature Improvements

  • The eDART files (.txt and .csv) available on will be converted to zip files including:
    • Voltage Limits
    • Equipment List/Complete Descriptions
    • Lines Out
    • Lines Out New
    • Ratings
    • Temporary Ratings
    • NERC Alert Ratings Changes
    • TERM Reasons List
    • RTEP Tickets
    • NERC Alerts Lines Out
  • No change to existing links
  • Please note that these files are also available to all users in EDART via the Public Files report


Release 11

Release Dates
Train: 5.26.2021
Production: 5.27.2021

About This Release

This release includes the new Dynamic Line Ratings in eDART.

New Features

Dynamic Line Ratings (DLR)

  • Ability for Transmission Owners (TO) with DLRs to upload and download forecasted ratings (CSV format)
  • Files to be added to Ratings Information page on OASIS:
    • Dynamic Ratings Forecast (zip file with latest uploaded forecasted ratings)
    • Historical Ratings (zip files with Ratings, Temporary Ratings, NERC Alert Ratings and Dynamic Ratings Forecast per company)


Dart Browserless Phase 1 Release

Release Dates
Train: 3.31.2021
Production: 4.14.2021

About This Release

eDART Browserless users are now able to complete browserless uploads and downloads using the PJMCLI in the train environment.


Release 10

Release Dates
Train: 3.18.2021
Production: 4.14.2021

About This Release

This release implements a security enhancement to block XML DOCTYPE declarations in XML uploads.

New Features

eDART Browserless now performs a validation to ensure XML uploads do not contain XML DOCTYPE declarations. XML uploads that do contain DOCTYPE declarations will be rejected and will result in a stack trace error

Release 9

Release Dates
Train: 12.17.2020
Production: 1.27.2021

About This Release

This release includes the new Nuclear Voltage Limits tool in eDART as well as other enhancements.

New Features

Nuclear Voltage Limits

  • New tool to maintain Nuclear Bus Voltage Limits
  • Available to Nuclear Generation Owners (NGOs), applicable Transmission Owners (TOs) and PJM
  • Current limits and upcoming limit changes will be visible to all applicable entities
  • eDART will be the primary input for Nuclear Bus Voltage Limit changes
  • Rollout of tool to NGOs will be coordinated with individual NGOs.

Awareness Only Transmission Outage Tickets

  • Identification of Transmission tickets that are awareness only and do not require coordination
  • Automatic processing of awareness only tickets
  • Re-evaluation of tickets when changes occur that may change awareness only status

Existing Feature Improvements

  • eDART Dashboard to replace eDART home page animation.
  • New business rules for Generator Outage tickets to prevent unnecessary revisions and no-duration tickets.
  • New business rules for Transmission Outage tickets to prevent conflicting default status changes.



Release 8

Release Dates
Train: 7.23.2020
Production: 9.9.2020

About This Release
This release includes enhancements involving Transmission Tickets, Generation Ticket filtering, and external file updates.

  • The Reactive Results Ticket user-experience has been enhanced allow for better communication between PJM and the member during the ticket life-cycle.
  • Member requested updates to Generation Ticket filters, such as allowing a Unit Name wildcard search have been added.
  • Members can now specify Takeout & Restore equipment on Transmission Tickets.
  • Members can now easily view and track Cut-In Task Status on Transmission Tickets.
  • Members now have the ability to create Transmission Tickets that have a mixture of SVCs and Non-SVCs.
  • Transmission Tickets now have a programmatic validation on submit that verifies the Transmission Outage Dates for alignment with the Selected Outage Type.

File Updates

eDART files on are now throttled, allowing downloads to be performed every 5 minutes for files that update in real-time and every 30 minutes for files that are updated daily, weekly, or monthly.

Note: These files are also available for download via eDART

The Current Facility Outages Section of Linesout and Linesout_new files has been renamed to DE-ENERGIZED EQUIPMENT and Normally Open equipment is labeled as N.O.



Release 7

Release Dates
Train: 5.14.2020
Production: 5.28.2020

About This Release
This release implements enhancements that improve the user experience when uploading and downloading .xml and .txt files, as well as added validation around the NDA submission process.

The Model Sharing Non-Disclosure Agreement now performs a validation to ensure submitted email addresses are properly formatted and disallows non-corporate email addresses.

File Updates
  • GO Survey Browserless XML functionality is being retired, however, the .txt upload functionality in the UI remains available for use.
  • The Voltage Control Philosophy column has bene removed from the Browserless XML Unit Download and D-Curve Report, and the corresponding .csv download from eDART Web UI. This information is available via Voltage Schedules within eDART.
  • Auto-generated .txt and .csv files have been modified to properly reflect carriage returns when the file types are opened in Notepad. 

eDART Forum Presentation PDF
eDART XML Forum Presentation PDF
eDART User Guide PDF


Release 6

Release Dates
Train: 1.14.2020
Production: 2.13.2020

About This Release
This release implements the tracking of Voltage Limits in eDART and also includes updates to the Gen Checkout process.

New Features
Transmission Owners will now manage Voltage Limits directly in eDART.

Existing Feature Improvements
Gen Checkout will now allow creation of Ambient Air tickets for Warning and Regular records, in addition to the Acknowledge records.

eDART User Guide PDF

Release 5

Release Dates
Train: 12.3.2019
Production: 12.18.2019

About This Release
Based on user feedback, enhancements have been made to improve the usability of Networks Application Model Build process, as well as enhancements to improve user-friendliness and accuracy of values.

Model Build Enhancements, effective Spring 2020.
Loads modeled in PJM’s EMS will be available in eDART.
Next model build will be available approximately 2 weeks earlier in eDART.
Color labels added to D-Curve Reports and Transmission Tickets for “Soon to be In-Service” and “Soon to be Retired”.

File Updates
Voltage Schedules numeric input fields now allows users to enter values up to two decimal places.
2 characters were added to the Item and Ticket id Column to the Linesout report.
CSV downloads of dcurvegen, dcurevtrans and ratingscsv are being retired from the download drop list. These will be available via Web UI on Edart page.
Leading space removed from column headers of Equipment.csv.
Column ‘LOG_TERM’ is changed to ‘LONG_TERM’ from Ratings.csv.

12.3.2019 Forum Presentation PDF

Release 4

Release Dates
Train: 9.16.2019
Production: 10.8.2019

About This Release
Based on user feedback, enhancements have been made to improve the usability of Linesout reports and auto-generated emails, as well as enhancements to improve user-friendliness and data accuracy.

In the IRC Company Reserve Check, columns for inapplicable zones are now hidden instead of blank.
D-Curve download is now available on the D-Curve Report page.

Voltage Schedules numeric input fields now allows users to enter values up to two decimal places.

Equipment Historical Change Log Report now has a hyperlinked Ticket ID that will take users to the revision screen for the linked ticket; Congestion Management Priority has been added as a status; and the Back to Report button properly returns the user to the report.
When searching for TERM tickets, if Ticket ID or Company Ticket ID are entered, all other filters are ignored.
The R, X, B Ticket company comment field can be edited if the ticket is in Submitted or Awaiting Build statuses.
Ratings download is now available on the Effective Ratings Report page.

Network Model
Network Model/Cut-In Ticket Report now allows search by Ticket ID and a wildcard search by Station.
Equipment Type/Field Report now available.

Retired Downloads
Tariff Equipment Details download
SSR, SSR by Date, ERL downloads
Status Report download
Restoration Plan download

Retired Uploads
On Cost Max Emerg

Release 3

Release Dates
Production: 6.26.2019

Cut-In Ticket Enhancement
Current functionality: When a transmission ticket is marked as cut-in, a Restoration Plan Update Request is created in Update Required status. Unchecking the cut-in flag does not close the Restoration Plan Update Request.
Enhancement: If a cut-in transmission ticket is unchecked as cut-in and nothing has been done with the Restoration Plan Update Request, eDART will set its status to Cancelled by Company.

Reactive Reserve Check (RRC) Enhancements
Company Timestamp added to RRC Report and RRC Full download: Indicates the last time the RRC was updated from the company side either by ICCP, XML or web UI
RRC Full download now returns the open RRC or last posted RRC if no RRC ID is selected: Previously returned a system error
Refresh button removed from posted RRC reports: there is nothing to refresh on a posted report.

TERM Ticket Enhancements
Equipment End filter added to View/Revise, History Report and Recently Restored filters. Filter page also re-arranged to accommodate new field.

Voltage Schedules
Fixed issue with Voltage Schedule tickets not being flagged as Late if not acknowledged by Effective Date.

Voltage Schedules
Daily emails will be sent out when the Annual Review for Voltage Schedules is in progress if acknowledgement has not been completed:
Email sent to the same email address currently receiving notifications.
Email text will include the posted message on the TO Annual Review and GO Annual Review pages.
Email text will include the posted message on the TO Annual Review and GO Annual Review pages.
Daily emails will be sent to the TO when each GO in TO’s transmission zone completes all acknowledgements for the Annual Review.
Current daily email to TO now excludes Needs Schedules tickets if there is another ticket in the queue for the unit.
Notifications will only be sent for units that actually require TO action.
Likewise, Voltage Schedules button will only be red if there are units that actually require TO action and will ignore Needs Schedules tickets for units with another ticket in the queue.

IRC Statistical Report
New report to track Generation company’s response to Instantaneous Reserve Checks (IRCs) per month:
Report also available to PJM Dispatch.
Displays information on available capacity , total units, total reserves acknowledged, total reserves unacknowledged and score.
Score = (Total Reserves Acknowledged / Total Reserves) x 100
See slides 23-24 of June 2019 eDART User Group Meeting.
Updated phone number for the PJM Support Center for locked accounts.

Release 2

Release Dates
Production: 5.29.2019

Inclusion of Unit Retirements in Restoration Plans Update
Unit Retirement added as a reason to update the system restoration plans in eDART.
Designed to work similar to update due to cut-in transmission tickets:
Included in Pending Restorations Plan queue.
Option to indicate No Update Needed.
Attachment G required for submitting updates and for no update needed.
Email notification sent when retirement date is submitted and beginning 30 days to Next Update Request Date if pending.

Restoration Plan Emails Update
Updates made to the emails sent out when a Cut-In Ticket is submitted and daily emails sent beginning 30 days from ticket end if the Restoration Plan update is still unresolved.
Added language about and link to TO/TOP Matrix (
Sender changed to Restoration Plan Reviewers group email address to facilitate easy reply to appropriate group.
Subject of daily email updated to display Next Update Date instead of email date.

Retirement of Facility Data Application in eDART
Facility Data application was used to record fault clearing times for use in the Transient Stability Analysis tool (TSA).
2 characters were added to the Item and Ticket id Column to the Linesout report.
TSA is getting this data via other sources and the application in eDART is no longer needed.