Markets & Operations

LMP Model Information


The Contingency List as of 6/15/2024 XML contains a list of all contingencies used in the Energy Management System (EMS), Financial Transmission Rights, Day-Ahead and Real-time Energy Markets. Not all contingencies are enabled in the PJM systems at all times.

The Contingency List as of December 1, 2018 TXT contains a list of historical contingencies modeled in the FTR and Day-Ahead Markets.

The beginning of each contingency is noted by a sequence number in the left column. Following the sequence number is the name of the contingency. Each line below the contingency contains the piece of equipment and the action to take.

"Loss Of" lines contain: Station Name, Action Taken, Equipment Name, Voltage Name and optionally, the type of equipment in that order.

Key for Action Taken Values

CL Close the Circuit Breaker or Disconnect
CP Loss of the Capacitor
L Loss of the Line
LD Loss of the Load
OP Open the Circuit Breaker or Disconnect
P Loss of a Phase Shifter
S Loss of a Series Device
U Loss of the Unit
UD Unit Decrease
UI  Unit Increase 
X Loss of the Transformer