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If you are working the in capacity of a practitioner and are subject to the PJM Training and Certification requirements, login to the PJM Learning Management System (LMS) for information about your training plan.

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Training Event Location Start Date End Date Availability
Demand Response Load Management Registrations Virtual 02.01.2022 02.01.2022 Open   Open
Real-Time Market Simulation Virtual 02.01.2022 02.01.2022 Open   Open
Load BLIs Part 1 Virtual 02.03.2022 02.03.2022 Open   Open
Transmission Line Protection Virtual 02.03.2022 02.03.2022 Open   Open
Load BLIs Part 2 Virtual 02.09.2022 02.09.2022 Open   Open
System Restoration Part 1 Virtual 02.09.2022 02.09.2022 Open   Open
Reserve Market Overview Virtual 02.22.2022 02.22.2022 Open   Open
System Restoration Part 2 Virtual 02.22.2022 02.22.2022 Open   Open
Regulation Market Overview Virtual 02.28.2022 02.28.2022 Open   Open
Voltage Control with Generators and LTCs Virtual 02.28.2022 02.28.2022 Open   Open
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