Distribution/Service of Filings

Copies of filings with FERC by Members or other regional participants that directly affect or impact the administration of the PJM Governing Documents should be provided to PJM utilizing FERCeService@pjm.com and the PJM Independent Market Monitor (IMM) using ma@monitoringanalytics.com. The filings in scope of this requirement include the following:

  • Reactive Rate filings pursuant to PJM Tariff, Schedule 2;
  • Cost of Service Recovery Rates for generators seeking to deactivate pursuant to PJM Tariff, Part V;
  • Federal Power Act section 206 Complaints against PJM;
  • Federal Power Act section 203 filings that involving PJM Members or other regional participants including direct and indirect generator and transmission asset transfers and sales in the PJM Region;
  • Market-based rate filings including triennial updates and notices of change in status;
  • Rate schedules or service agreement filings relating to the provision of electric service PJM region where PJM is not a party to the rate schedule/service agreement;
  • Requests for waiver of any provision of the PJM Governing Agreements; and
  • Petitions for declaratory order interpreting the PJM Governing Documents or other PJM requirements.