Markets & Operations

Interregional Data Map

This map shows the flow of electricity into and out of PJM. The details are zone based showing the flow, interfaces, prices and the real-time load (MW).

In the boxes shown on the map, the first value in the box and the arrow (both in black text) represent the actual flow across an interface and the second value and arrow represent the scheduled flow across the same interface.

The arrows at the top of each of the boxes represent the direction of power flow. A green arrow indicates the actual flow is from a lower interface price to a higher interface price. Conversely, a red arrow indicates that the actual flow is from a higher interface price to a lower interface price. A white line indicates an interface without a corresponding external interface price.

Lake Erie Loop Flow
-122.6 MW
07.29.2014 14:48:36 EDT
AutoRefresh: On
PJM Real-Time Load: 100,427 MW
PJM (MISO): $27.13
1,468 / 746 MW
MISO LMP: $31.10
MidWest Independent Transmission System Operator (MISO)

PJM (DEOK): $27.13
1,912 / 1,631 MW
Ohio Valley Electric Corporation(OVEC)
PJM 5-Min Price: $26.80
PJM (EKPC): $27.54
206 / 301 MW

Louisville Gas and Electric Company (LGEE)

PJM (AEP): $27.54
688 / 50 MW

Tennesse Valley Authority (TVA)

PJM (AEP): $27.54
407 / 0 MW

CPL Retail Energy West (CPLW)

PJM (AEP): $27.54
763 / 658 MW

Duke Energy

PJM (DOM): $27.54
285 / 490 MW

CPL Retail Energy East (CPLE)

PJM (Neptune): $27.41
660 / 660 MW
NYISO (Neptune): $28.62


PJM (Linden): $27.37
3 / 0 MW
NYISO (Linden): $28.67

Linden VFT

PJM (Hudson): $27.49
0 / 0 MW
NYISO (Hudson): $28.75

Hudson TP

PJM (NYISO): $27.17
61 / 142 MW
NYISO LMP: $27.43

NewYork ISO

LMP Values